Employee Assistance Programs (EAP)

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Psychological Resource Associates currently offers EAP to the following agencies and businesses:

Psychological Resource Associates offers both public agencies and private businesses consultation on a wide range of issues. These include:

Management / Supervisory Resources

Management seminars will include:

1. Presentation to management integrating the Employee Assistance Program with current management policy. Typically training will include an orientation to the EAP, review of employers policy and how the two are integrated. Briefly the EAP policy suggests:
       A. Documentation of performance problems to determine if it is a chronic or an occasional problem.
       B. Informational meeting with employee outlining problem, expectation, timeframe until next review, and consequence if performance is resolved or not resolved. Voluntary referral to the EAP, along with description of the program.
       C. Formal meeting covering above issues, this time with written documentation going into the personnel file. Voluntary referral to the EAP along with a statement that standard disciplinary procedures will be followed.
       D. Beginning of progressive discipline according to SMUD policy

2. PRA maintains an EAP MANAGEMENT GUIDE on the PRA website outlining this policy which managers can refer to at any time.

3. PRA also maintains a link to Authenticity Consulting LLC which maintains an Online Library for Personal, Professional & Organizational Development. The library contains over 650 topics and 10,000 links to assist managers in private and non-profit agencies with management issues. The link is: www.managementhelp.org

4. Other management training can be developed to meet the needs of SMUD.


ClearPointPRA has partnered with ClearPoint Credit Counseling Solutions to offer employees credit and debt counseling, default and foreclosure counseling, homebuyer counseling, reverse mortgage counseling, bankruptcy counseling and related personal finance workshops. Informational materials are available to hand

All interested EAP clients should contact PRA for information regarding coordination of ClearPoint's Services.