Newsletter - Summer 2012



Psychological Resource Associates Issue No. 1

Depression takes a hefty toll on the U.S. workplace, affecting about 6% of employees each year while costing over $30 billion annually in lost productivity, according to research conducted recently by Harvard University.

In most cases, the symptoms of depression appear gradually and the usual process of treating depression -- taking stock of the situation, visiting one's personal care physician, obtaining a referral to a mental health professional and then finally receiving treatment -- can take months or years.

Signs of Depression

* Sleep disturbances including too much sleep, frequent awakenings and/or insomnia

* Impaired thinking or concentration at work or at home

* Significant changes in weight, either increases or decreases

* Agitation, including feelings of irritability and annoyance

* Chronic fatigue, or a feeling like you're doing everything in slow motion

* Low self-esteem, manifested by feelings of worthlessness or chronic guilt

* Thoughts of death, often triggered by a persistent negative view of yourself

* Increasing detachment from friends and family

* Increased use of drugs or alcohol to escape your pain

Your EAP

Depression can be effectively treated especially if it is diagnosed early. So remember that help is simply a phone call away! Your Employee Assistance professionals stand ready to discuss your situation in complete privacy to initiate the healing process immediately.

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