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Can Eye Movements Really Treat Trauma?

Description of the 8 phases of treatment:
Excerpts from: F. Shapiro & M.S. Forrest (2004) EMDR: The Breakthrough Therapy for Anxiety, Stress and Trauma. New York: BasicBooks

The National Registry of Evidence Based Practices and Procedure (NREPP) has listed EMDR as being effective for the treatment of trauma, anxiety and depression.

Evidence for EMDR Therapy-NY Times: 

How EMDR Opens a Window to the Brain:

Can You Benefit from EMDR Therapy?




Video about EMDR

This clip offers a brief explanation of EMDR along with an interview of a Vietnam veteran and rape victim. Both had tried various other therapies over the years with little success. 


Here is a 6 minute video that that talks about EMDR and its benefits:




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