What to Expect

                                                     Calling for a counseling appointment may be anxiety provoking and difficult to do.
                                                 The following is a few examples of what to expect when you are calling for your first time.

                                                                          It is best to call the Intake Coordinator, Alyssa Henry,
                                                                                             during her current posted office hours:
                                                                                               Monday - Friday from 1:30 pm- 5:30 pm

                                                                    You can also reach Alyssa via e-mail at praintake@gmail.com

                                              If you do not reach Alyssa during her office hours, you can leave a message with your name
                                                        and call back number in the intake box 101 or in her confidential voicemail box 200.

                                                                                                 Questions Alyssa will ask:

                                                           1. General information such as your name and contact numbers

                                                           2. How you heard about PRA

                                                           3. Method of payment for services such as Insurance, Employee Assistance Programs, Private Pay, etc.

                                                           4. Brief description of the presenting issue/why you are seeking counseling

                                                           5. General availability

                                                           6. Therapist requests and preferences (i.e. female, male)



IMPORTANT: Therapists schedule their own appointments. Alyssa takes general information to get you connected with the appropriate provider. Once information is obtained, she contacts the matched provider to provide them with your information. The therapist will contact the client within 24 hours to discuss things in more detail with the client and either schedule an appointment or refer back to Intake for another match. PLEASE contact us if the provider does not make contact in a timely fashion.